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  PFD - Personal Flotation Device



  Charting GPS

  Charting NOAA







St Martin, Anguilla, & St Barts
{The Renaissance Islands}

British Virgin Islands (BVI)

Sailing Europe






  Marine Critters

  United States Power Squadrons (USPS)

  USPS Administration

  USPS Piloting

  USPS Advanced Piloting

  USPS Navigation

  USPS Engine Maintenance

  USPS Other Squadrons

  USPS Boating

  USPS Coop Charting NOAA


  St Johns N Club

  Kennedy Point Maritime School

  M/Y Seven J's

  Marine/Maritime History

Online Training

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  Citrix Links

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BRSPS Weather Links

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  USPS Weather Course References

  Chapter 1: The Atmosphere: Temperature and Heat

  Chapter 2: Wind, Pressure, and Waves

  Chapter 3: Water, Humidity, and Fog

  Chapter 4: Stability, Clouds, and Precipitation

  Chapter 5: Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Lightning, and Optical Effects, etc.

  Chapter 6: Mid-latitude Weather and Storms

  Chapter 7: Tropical Weather and Storms

  USPS Weather Course References

  Chapter 8: Forecasting

  Additional Info from Instructor


  Hurricane Preperations

  NWS Radar Images


  Aviation Interests